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Mamibot robottolmuimeja Wisor 880
Mamibot robottolmuimeja Wisor 880
Mamibot Wisor 880
Mamibot Wisor 880

Mamibot ExVac 880 Wisor 2021 robot vacuum cleaner

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This robot is currently sold out, to ensure the availability of the robot, we recommend ordering immediately. The new robots of 2021 will reach us on 22-26. March and we will start issuing them on March 29-31. March. The offer is valid until 50 pre-orders are fulfilled.

Mamibot’s ExVac 880 Wisor’s new floor cleaning robot impresses with its technical sophistication and particularly powerful suction power, adjustable washing function and application-based and voice control.

The strongest hybrid LDS robotic vacuum cleaner with a maximum force of 2880PA vacuum cleaner, 3 water discharge levels and that cleans about 150-200 square meters of floor in one full charge.

The surface to be cleaned is mapped by a robot so that the Mamibot EXVAC 880 Wisor robotic vacuum cleaner always knows where it is located.

An ideal home robot that is also suitable for cleaning allergic floors (HEPA filters). The Wisor sweeps and cleans up to 200 m2.

»3in1 robot: sweeping, vacuuming and floor cleaning
»Controlled water application in sweeping mode
»Dust box with three-level filtration
»Navigation system and mapping with laser and gyroscopes
»Maximum safety thanks to state-of-the-art sensor technology
»Free app for Android and iOS
»Compatible with Amazon Alexa / Googlehome / Tmall genie smart speakers

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A revolutionary floor cleaning robot with artificial intelligence

A smart and high-performance truly capable hybrid robot!

R16 + DDR A7 4-core chip with SLAM algorithm supported by LDS4.0 laser navigation

Smart automatic and accurate navigation

2880pa super cleaning power thanks to the engine with 3 levels and 23000 rpm

All in one
Only 9.8 cm high, the smart app controls the hybrid robot’s built-in mops, vacuum and sweeping

Longer cleaning time
370ml water tank + 2600mAh battery, floor washing time: 90-100min, vacuuming time: 55-110min


6 cleaning options – which one do you prefer?


Automatic cleaning – draws a smart cleaning plan automatically
Virtual no-go zone – set the area where the robot is not allowed to go
Hybrid – vacuuming and washing
Optional cleaning – Define one area or room to clean
Schedule – Set a cleaning schedule
Maximum vacuuming – select a maximum suction power of 2880pa


2880pa powerful suction power


Hair / grains / dust / even metal balls – the 880 Wisor robotic vacuum cleaner cleans your floor perfectly.

To meet different needs, the Wisor has three power levels: 1000PA / 2000PA / 2880PA, supported by a fan motor at 23,000 rpm.



880 Wisor robotic vacuum cleaner features


Two side brushes: Sweeps dust from both edges

Optimized airflow system: Better air tightness, minimized air leaks

3-level filtration: Primary filter + foam + HEPA avoid secondary air pollution

Efficient but easy floor brush: Efficient for sweeping, easy to maintain

Continue cleaning: If the robot is manually moved to another location or the robot stops cleaning to charge the battery, the Wisor returns to the point where cleaning was completed to clean the unfinished area.



370ml built-in water tank

3 levels of water use: Drip is controlled electronically by a chip. The Wisor cleans an area of 150-200 square meters with one full charge. When the water tank is installed, the robot automatically switches to washing mode.


880 Wisor robotic vacuum cleaner climbs up to 2cm from an obstacle: Wisor does not hesitate to cross carpets, thresholds and door barriers if the height of the obstacle does not exceed 2cm

Low profile (9.8cm): The Mamibot 880 Wisor robotic vacuum cleaner is lower than most home robots and successfully cleans beds / sofas / desks and other furniture.


ALL IN ONE SMART APPLICATION The “Control Wisor” is at home while you are out.

Planning, determining the cleaning area, adjusting the suction force of the robot.

Stop / restart / charge the robot when you are away from home.

Cleaning the house has never been so convenient!






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Dimensions 33 × 33 × 10 cm
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