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Why Join Us?

Our Affiliate Program enables you to promote the Mamibot brand and increase your income. The program is structured for Mamibot affiliates to reward them with a bonus for each sale made through their activities. Write to us about your desire to join our affiliate program and earn your bonus today!

How do I earn a bonus?

  1. Visit the Mamibot website and email us about your wish to join the affiliate program.
  2. Share product links and information on your own site.
  3. Get customers to buy your product through your recommendation.
  4. Wait for your order to be confirmed
  5. Get your bonus!

Choose the partnership you like!

  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Product review pages
  • Social media pages
  • Publisher
  • Any more ideas? Contact us if you are unsure whether your partnership will work.

Program Details

  • Get 10% commission on all sales.
  • Ability to use automatic data feed.

What are the bonuses?

  • Banners and text links on the Mamibot page.
  • Special coupons and seasonal discounts.
  • Skilled professionals who answer all your questions.



1. What is the Mamibot Affiliate Program?

The Mamibot Affiliate Program invites sites, online communities, blogs, and other websites to promote the Mamibot brand and promote our products to earn commissions on sales made based on these recommendations.

2. How do I earn commissions?

1) Join the program.

2) Share our product links and information and the full reward if your recommendation comes to your customer to make a purchase.

3. Can a publisher refer to any content page?

The key to earning the reward is to refer to a product / product introduction, category or brand page,

4. Can publishers publish a copy of the Bolt page on their site?

All text and images are permitted.

5. What is not allowed?

To keep the affiliate program fair, we don’t allow:

1) Wrong links and link manipulation.

2) Simulating purchases with programs or scripts

3) Permanent pop-ups and full-screen pop-ups.

4) publishing incorrect information

5) deceive people into making a purchase.

6) Creating a seemingly official Mamibot website to trick people into buying.

7) In the event of any breach, Mamibot shall have the right to terminate the cooperation and claim damages.

6. How do I get started?

Write to us about your desire to join our affiliate program.