Mamibot ExVac895XTC Hero robot vacuum cleaner

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This is a completely new Mamibot product made according to the needs of customers. Available in Estonia from May 20. 2021. Pre-order to be among the first in Estonia. 30% discount for pre-subscribers

Revolutionary robot vacuum cleaner and robot for cleaning floors with artificial intelligence

The new Mamibot vacuuming and mopping robot impresses with its technical sophistication and super-powerful suction power, as well as an adjustable cleaning function, app and voice control. The surface to be cleaned is displayed by a suction / wiping robot, so the Mamibot EXVAC 895XTC Hero always knows where it is. It is the ideal household floor cleaning robot for allergy sufferers (HEPA filters), technology aficionados and cleans surfaces up to 180 m2.

3-in-1 robot: sweeping, vacuuming and wiping
Controlled water application in wipe mode
Waste bin with 3-level filtration
Laser and gyroscopic navigation system and cartography
Maximum safety thanks to state-of-the-art sensor technology
Free app for Android and iOS
Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home

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Truly the most powerful LDS hybrid robot vacuum cleaner with a maximum suction power of 2880 Pa, 3 levels of drainage speed, cleans about 150-200 square meters of floor in one full charge.

Smart and high performance

4-core R16 + DDR A7 chip combined with SLAM algorithm based on LDS4.0 laser navigation

Smart auto mode and precise navigation

Super evacuation 2880 Pa with fan motor 23000 rpm 3 levels of suction power

All in one
Slim 9.8cm, the app controls the best hybrid robot integrated for cleaning floors, vacuuming and sweeping

370ml water tank + 2600mAh battery Cleaning time: 90-100 minutes Battery life: 55-110 minutes


6 cleaning options – which do you prefer?


Auto clean – draws automatically
smart cleaning plan
Virtual exclusion zone – set up exclusion zone
Hybrid – mopping and sweeping
Selective cleaning – designate one area to clean
Scheduling – schedule multiple cleaning sessions
Maximum evacuation – select 2880 pa m


Abt 2880pa suction


Hair / beans / dust / even metal balls are easily absorbed.

There are three levels of 1000PA / 2000PA / 2880PA evacuation capacity, supported by 23000RPM fan motor, to meet your different requirements.



Double side brushes

Collect dust from both sides and collect in the middle suction inlet.

Optimized airflow system

Better tightness minimizes air leakage

3-level filtration

Primary filter + foam + HEPA prevents secondary air pollution

An effective yet simple brush

Effective when sweeping, easy to maintain

Resume cleaning

when the robot moves to another position manually or goes to recharge when the battery is low, it returns to the point to clear the unfinished area


Built-in 370 ml water tank

3 levels of water leakage

Water dripping is electronically controlled by a chip, wipes an area of ​​150-200 m2 in one full charge Automatically switches to floor cleaning when the water tank is on


Climbs obstacles up to 2 cm

The 895XTC Hero Robot Vacuum Cleaner does not hesitate to overcome carpets, thresholds, thresholds when the height of the obstacle does not exceed 2 cm (0.8 inches).

Lower profile (9.8cm)

The 895XTC Hero Robot Vacuum Cleaner is lower than most LDS robots, more suitable for under beds / sofa / table and other furniture






























Additional information

Dimensions 33 × 33 × 10 cm
Dust tank capacity

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